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    Kids: Considering becoming an animator or director in animation? Start animating and storyboarding now. But here’s a selection of books that you might wanna keep with you. 

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    XL & S (manga by Kubota / translation by konekojita)

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    ^ ^ the amazing worldofchicken just sent me images of chinese translations someone did of the eruri field guide, plus additional commentary on different ship combos!!!!

    im told the full posts are here and here (though you need a weibo account to see)

    we are truly living in the age of global yaoi science
  7. Anonymous said: Why do you ship Eruri if it's confirmed he loved a girl and if the titans weren't in the way Nile might didn't had 3 kids right now BUT Erwin did, this is why this fandom sucks with all the unreasonable yaoi and your disgusting imagination


    man can i tell you something. im on the rag right now, and for some reason it really gives me the runs. probably some kind of hormonal thing. but the quantity and frequency of my shits are like, unreal. this morning i had a look in the bowl and was surprised by the volume of my intestines. 

    when youre used to producing a certain type of shit and suddenly one day make a different kind, for no good reason, doesnt that change how you perceive yourself?

    kundera says that human shit is incompatible with the idea that we were created in god’s image, which presumes that theres something fundamentally mortal & human about shitting. not to put too fine a point on it, but maybe the more you shit and the messier it is, the closer you get to grasping your own mortality.

    these days im vulnerable, man. hold me.

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    what do you mean this isn’t how it should’ve been

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